My Philosophy

Designer’s philosophy


„ Drawing was the activity what I liked the most since I was a little girl, so there were no question about I wanted to study fine arts. The Training School for the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and then the University of Applied Arts and also the University of Fine Arts opened new dimensions for me in the terms of materials, colors and forms. Thanks to these early experiences, the design for me always starts with rethinking the fabric and rebuild it with my own pattern system. I always think about the dress as a painter first, the harmony of the color and the material is very important for me. For the costumized designs I always pay maximal attention on the character and the silhouette of the lady I design for. I do believe in that we,women can make the everydays special by clothing and turn every single day a special one. In 2008 when I opened my atalier, the main line of the brand focused on designing gowns for weddings. It is a huge challenge and a beautiful task in the same time. The process of designing a wedding dress goes through a way when I get to know the bride personally and understand her identity to be able to create a dress for the day when she feels herself the most beautiful women in the world. To keep up with the needs, I started my luxory pret a porter line which includes accoutrements for coctail parties, soireés or for the everydays to keep our look unique.”